Some people choose to migrate... Some people are forced to migrate... We all have our reasons and every life story is unique.

YOU set a path for yourself!

Our team of registered migration agents are passionate about opening routes for people to shape and bring new stories to life. We provide expert immigration and education advice and guidance on complex matters. We are highly trained in the immigration and education fields, and our focus is on providing the highest standards of client service in a friendly environment.

Yazan Ibrahim
Managing Partner

Yazan is a Registered Migration Agent and an Education Agent Counsellor with over 10 years of experience working in the migration and education advice industry.
Yazan completed two masters degrees in Commerce and Business from Macquarie University. Also, he holds a postgraduate degree in Australian Migration Law and Practice from Griffith University.

Migration Agents Registration Number (MARN) 1805378

Alaa Hammad
Managing Partner

Alaa is a Registered Migration Agent and a  Qualified Education Agent Counsellor. He completed his post-graduate degree in Migration Law and Practice from Griffith University.

Gained 10+ years experience in the immigration and education advice industry while living in Jordan, UAE & Australia.

Arrived in Australia to study his MBA at the Unversity of Technology, Sydney back in 2006 and now permanently residing there with his family.

Migration Agent Registration Number:  (MARN) 1806417
QEAC No: N818


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